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About us

Organized. Detailed. Effective.


Your Day Your Way Wedding Coordinators is a family owned and run wedding coordination company serving Southern California. We are a team of focused individuals with specialized skills who work in unison to accomplish your version of the perfect wedding.


Your Day Your Way is led by the highly enthusiastic and ridiculously organized Shanee' Wilson. Shanee' is every bride-to-be’s dream personified. When it comes to weddings, Shanee' has seen it all. She knows what is likely to go wrong, what will definitely go right, and she’ll identify the weak links in any wedding plan with pinpoint precision. The most common response to Shanee’s questions is “I never thought about that!” And that’s how you know you’ve found the right wedding coordinator.


Your Day Your Way is in love with weddings. We are happiest when all the work is on our shoulders and everyone - especially the bride, groom and everyone closest to them - are enjoying the celebration of love.

Take a look at our different plans, then call Shanee' for a free consultation. Let’s do this!


"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

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"I can't express my love for Shanee' enough! SHE IS LITERALLY THE BEST! My venue required that I needed a coordinator and I was very hesitant when choosing. I spoke to so many coordinators and all of them left me feeling like they were just in it for the paycheck. Shanee' really listened to all our needs and I felt that she genuinely wanted to give us exactly what we wanted. Planning a wedding can be so stressful and Shanee' and her team killed every detail of our wedding. I would recommend her to anyone! Besides choosing my husband, Shanee' was definitely the second best choice I made."

Jessika Perzabal

Having Shanee' as our Day of Coordinator was an amazing decision, and we loved her from our initial Skype call before we even hired her. My partner and I ended up hiring her and her bartending team, and it was a seamless way to deal with things. They are all amazing pros who work efficiently together and are such wonderful people! We both wanted a stress-free wedding, and she took care of all the fine details the day of (and a lot leading up to it) so that we could just enjoy our wedding day. We also got many compliments of her from our wedding guests who noticed how on top of everything and organized she was. She knows how to take charge and get things done, and she does it all with a genuine smile on her face. Our venue was hourly, so we were only allowed one hour of set-up time for both the ceremony and reception area. Shanee' and the team handled it, no problem. We hit a few snags throughout the night—our caterers prepared a different menu, the desserts were M.I.A., the photobooth attendant was nowhere to be found—but Shanee' took care of it all (and honestly, I only found out about these things after the fact so it was nice to not have to deal with that stress). Your Day Your Way Coordinators did so much to make our wedding day special, but more than anything they truly listened to what we wanted. This stood out to me most as we exited the ceremony. We had planned in about 15 minutes of solo bride and groom time to be with each other and just enjoy being married for a few moments before photos and cocktail hour. As we exited the ceremony area to go to our room and relax, we noticed some of the team doing some last minute touches and they stayed focused on their work. They let us have our moment and let us feel like the only two people in the world for a bit. It was a small thing but felt very meaningful to me. My partner and I highly recommend Your Day Your Way Coordinators! They helped make our wedding magical.

Theresa Christensen 

My husband and I sought out a wedding planner originally to run our rehearsal. We ended up booking Shanee before the end of 2016 and got what we thought was a fair price for her services. Within the week of booking, Shanee was in touch for our preliminary vendor information but she went into full force the week of our wedding. She confirmed arrival times and any miscellaneous detail with our vendors and provided a complete spreadsheet with any information that was still needed. Shanee was onsite before any of my wedding party arrived on Friday morning. When I walked into what was a completely empty barn to this magically done space, I could have felt more gratitude to anyone. The space was all that I had envisioned and expected to have to do with my family and friends. She ran our rehearsal like a true professional with all the crazy the comes along with a wedding and confirmed any last minute details with us before we headed out to our rehearsal dinner. On the morning of our wedding, I was the most calm and collected bride anyone had every seen. I was able to enjoy the morning with my bridal party and mom all because I knew Shanee had me covered. As a DIY bride with a type A personality, I thought I could handle the in's and out of the execussion process but I truly coauld not have done it without Your Day Your Way! I cannot give enough stars to explain to you the qualities of Shanee and her team.

Meghan Langdon

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